Tuesday, April 11, 2006

But, in the end, good prevails and Patchy and the twins celebrate the victory with a very tasty piece of cake! Well done, hero pals!

The struggle is really hard, Patchy Patsy and the wonder twins have a hard time fighting the spiny monster toddler!

You may not know, but wonder twins are not only extraterrestial, they are even EXTRAGALACTIC. They come from blutara nebula! Now, Patchy Patsy has two pals that wont go away if thing get tough!

What Patchy Patsy will do? This is a moment for extraordinary measures: wonder twins come to the rescue!

After no more than three hours of rest, Patchy Patsy finds a horrible threat: the spiny monster toddler

Being a turtle, Patchy Patsy decides to hibernate a little while to get stronger in her next battle

So, after knowing how much was at stake, our hero turtle Patchy Patsy returns to earth so we can still have hope. Thank you, Patchy!

In her trip, though, a Vorlon in his encounter suit asks her to return to fight the SHADOWS!

She starts to have a near death experience... Patchy: come to the light!

Oh my God! Patchy Patsy is loosing her consciousness...

Patchy Patsy finds the horror tree of doom

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Two very good books

These are the two books I was talking about:

Monday, March 13, 2006

Patchy patsy goes to war!

Tired of unjustice and tyrants, our courageous patchy patsy decides to take personal risk GOING TO WAR!

bad guys beware!